What Every Mother Should Know

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Look guys!!… I gotta get real for one second here.

I was recently asked to write an article showcasing some resourceful information for mothers.

I mean that’s legit 😁

But here’s the thing… you all know how I operate. Between constantly fighting for quiet time to get into the zone, or…yeah that’s pretty much my struggle. #WritersLife 😐

I wrote the article but, by the end of it… I felt like it wasn’t…right. Why? I over thought it.



Here we are.

Starting over and … Being real!

Breastfeeding is legit the best thing you can do for your kids. However, that in itself can be a major struggle for some moms out there.

Why? Some mothers don’t produce any milk at all. Others, only a short supply and then … the ones who …just… can. 😮

For my first-born, I WAS that mother who could NOT and did NOT produce any milk at all. and believe me I tried.

My second, had four months worth of supply. Yay! 😁

Thankfully, the feeding supply for each one after became longer spans… But still!

Not gonna lie. With all four kids, I relied on formula as a supplement. I like putting it in their baby cereal once they turn four months old. (Take note: make sure you know the best thickness when starting your baby off.)

Once you start adding those options into your babies diet they become more susceptible to weaning sooner. The longer you hold them off, the longer they nurse.

Oftentimes, We don’t have the right information to know what’s best for our child outside of breastfeeding.

Which got me thinking…

If only more people knew where to find helpful information about formula?

I mean, we’ve all been there:

  • Gassy
  • Indigestion
  • Colic
  • Constipation
  • Etc.

As a parent, we aren’t handed an instruction manual to our children’s lives, which means even these decisions can be straining at times.

So I ask…

How do you know what baby formula works for you and your baby?

You don’t… and you better believe that struggle is REAL!


Thanks to a team of researchers, you can find helpful information on each formula product all in one spot.

Bruh! 😌👌

If I had a one stop shop back then 😲 life would have been so much simpler.


What better way to do your research than having it all gathered for you??? Click chart below to view all the info on products.

Click here to view

Food for thought

See ya on the next one 😎🤘…


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