Tread With Caution

Do you remember that post when I mentioned…..

“When the time was right, I would have something to say and it’ll be powerful.”


My last post served as the beginning. We live in a broken world these days and your beloved RareBear has something to say. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ˆ

“The time is near for our true kings and kings to rise from the rubble and triumph.” #StuffRareSays


This journey has been quite intriguing. No one is sincere, and everyone has something to say about someone. OMFG! Y’all know how much I despise drama.πŸ˜” now I gotta navigate through it.

The newspaper asked us to answer questions which I did, but now they want us to answer more.

One in particular asks, “Tell a story about your scariest moment and how did you get through it?”


My scariest moments … Those are hard pills to swallow, and moments I’d never wish on another. Therefore, I have to come up with something a little less grueling.

I got to say, for those of you who Dm’d me after my last post, and even reminded me about my past promise, ” Speaking up when I’d have something to say, and it would be powerful.” It truly meant a lot. It spoke volumes as to how large of an impact this journey truly has. I love you guys.

Through this process, it’s been hard to know who’s your friend, who’s working against you, and all that jazz. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a few solid foundations and some friends. I’m grateful to have people who believe in me as well.

Oh right! And with so much extra work on my plate, I. GOT. SICKπŸ™„

I also just spent the entire day sleeping… Bruh! πŸ˜œπŸ‘Œ

Revitalized…lets get this!!!

Through it all, I’m learning. Whether friend, family or foe, “Even with kind words, those with ill intent will twist them around on you. Tread with caution.”

Next time you’re in a situation where your vibes are off, trust your instinct.

Happy Inspirational Tuesday !!


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