Think Before You….

Saw a former local newspaper editor bashing and slamming people on social media today, and it left me with this carefully thought out … thought.

Those who shame people by calling them ignorant swim among the deepest waters of ignorance there is. #StuffRareSays

It is no one’s place to judge another, nor tear people down because you think your opinion or knowledge is the ONLY of value.

I know it can be hard sometimes to be mindful towards others, but it’s important to be aware of your actions, not only as an individual but ESPECIALLY¬†as a public figure.

“How you publicly treat people impacts the value of your character.” #StuffRareSays

Whether you agree with someone or not, in no way what so ever, is it appropriate to insult someone because you think they are wrong.

Progress is a result of understanding, mindfulness, teamwork, and productivity. You cannot advance by foul play. #StuffRareSays

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