The Light At The End Of The Tunnel


Now wait right here. Let me just get real for one moment.

A woman said to me, “You make it look easy.” In reference to my candidacy.


First of all, I went out and got myself sick last week. Blah! I just so happened to get ALL them babies sick TOO!


During this, process, we have a new manager at work. Well… He’s been very unhappy about my current obligations. But… That’s ok.

“How we choose to treat people, is a reflection of OUR character.” #StuffRareSays

Between getting sick, nursing sick children back to health, fighting to prove myself at work, um! Preparing for the biggest night of my life….I just about had ….a moment.

Holy S***!

Let’s pause for a second…..

I’ve experienced many obstacles this week. In all ways. Whether situation, or aspect. It was quite the brutal week.

The reveal:

This Sunday… Is the four-year anniversary of my fathers passing. Moms eight year is in one more month. Then gramps… My beautiful cousin I’ll call A. She was the best! A three-month tunnel. I’ve experienced for the last four years. (Hmm πŸ€” I should actually say WE.) Meanwhile, your beloved Rarebear had a candidate forum to conquer.

Mayday… MAYDAY…we’re going down!

Sometimes, I am still taken a back when I wrap my head around how many of you have tuned in and became lifers in this journey with me. Y’all are amazing!

Right… The point.
AND … The newspaper wants me to talk about my scariest moments. Band-Aid… Ripped off.

Let that sink in……..

I took it!

These moments… They were meant to break me. Instead, they shaped me. I rose in the light of darkness, because “You gotta do what you gotta do.”

So… I did it. I faced every day with inner strength. I rode those waves, Like I wasn’t scared to get wet. Took those falls like HEWL yah I just got my bottom kicked (Literally. Some of you saw how bruised my hand was. Ice and cement steps equal a ME status disaster.)

Ouch….with a double ouch on top. πŸ€•

……………. Despite it all, I still stood up, straightened my crown, and rose.


Because, “True kings and queens rise to the occasion.” #StuffRareSays



7 thoughts on “The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

  1. Harlon says:

    β€œHow we choose to treat people, is a reflection of OUR character.” Wow, that says it all.
    I loved the delivery, the candour and the honesty of this post. You are my new superhero! xo Harlon

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