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This is my first Saturday off in months and I am choosing to be lazy AF.

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Well except for all those household chores I now have more time to get done.

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Mom life… Gotta love it.

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Being on the grind six days a week, and blogging seven days a week definitely gave me a run for my money
I’m feeling the effects heavily and severely.

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Granted, I’d love to blog seven days a week.
Having to work 6 days a week on top of it
That is not something this mom of four can afford to do right now.

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And so… 

“You gotta have the grind, in order to … support the grind.”

Today’s message will be short, sweet and simple.

 “Slow it down, and tend your own gardens. Remember that our personal gardens require nourishment as well.” #StuffRareSays

But first!

Let me read a book

peacefully reading

9 thoughts on “Tending

  1. David Koblentz says:

    isn’t it amazing what you get used to ? (I work 6 days a week and have for 20+ years), I think finding just moments in the day to stop yourself, and the world, take a deep breath, find something beautiful to look at, even in semi dirty hackensack nj (it is a pretty industrial town right next to NYC), I step outside and try to find something of nature, a bird, a squirrel, something, and just focus on that little nature kick surrounded by all the industrial belching, rude cars, litter… but a bird chirps, and it can make a difference when I think of their little nook

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