Winter’s Kiss

“There is just something about a sky blanketed by a snow fall, covering the ground with vitality and the world surrounding in its quietest realm, that can put your soul at peace. “ #StuffRareSays

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Snow falls
A winter’s kiss
Blessing the earth
With natures gift.
©Rarenwise 1-11-19 

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Moonlit Snow

Disclaimer: All rights reserved. ©Rarenwise 11-3-2015 You cannot copy, or take without giving credit to artist.

And then the moon came up.

Within the silence.
A blizzard flows.
Howling winds.
Emitting a fury blow.
Footsteps treading.
Within the snow.
Misted darkness of a calming realm.

Into the white.
Paths obstructed.
Distance unknown.
Blurry vision.

Countless drops of frozen flakes.
Remarkable light as evening wakes.
The promise of night.
Beginning to settle.

Peeking through horizons.
Shining uncontrollable.

Subtle hints of colors.
Within natures palate.
A worlds lullaby.
Beginning nights transition.
Droopy minds.
Resting souls.
Beautiful images.
Of moon-light’s glow.
©Rarenwise  11-3-2015

Simple Thoughts

Here’s what I love about WordPress:

There are so many amazing bloggers out there. Such great feedback, and interesting reads. I feel as though this is a community, and very welcomed at that. This post is to serve as my now second reason to be grateful in December, and of course to share my thoughts. I’m getting ready to start a weekly story. This story will not replace all my other musings, but it will be posted on a certain day every week. 


We are awaiting a snowstorm. 

The gloom has taken the day

A peaceful quiet covers us

As everyone prepares to stay in. 

            ©Rareity 12-11-15

Epic Snow Storm (Poem)

Treacherous snows.
All around me.
Shutting the world.
Into a sleep.
The beauty bold.
While dangerous.
Dreary and impervious.
Coming down with fierce glory.
Where grey, clouded, and foggy meet.
Drowning out the sounds around.
Burying what’s left of our ground.
©Rareity (2-28-15)