“The world is our playground”

“Then we shall play on it together.” #StuffRareSays

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The world is ours
To shape and mold.
The realities we share 
Are simple 
It’s up to US
To keep it now.
Take my hand
Come with me.
We shall play and we shall see.
Our lives are the canvas
We are the paint.
©Rarenwise 12-8-18


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Food for thought:

Intelligence is: knowing what to say.
Wisdom is: knowing when to say it.
Maturity is: understanding other people’s live’s are not yours to tinker with.
Strength is: being there for others despite your own personal storm.
Growth is: healed trauma. 
True Love is: infinite.
Life is: Wonderous yet short.

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She came in a dream
Dressed in red
Outfit pristine.
She ran up
I gave her a hug
Lifted her up
Embraced her love.

She lifted her hand
Waved goodbye

Off into the sunset 
She descended. 
©Rarenwise 12-7-18

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Taking Out The Trash

“No one knows everything. We may think we do, yet lack to understand that we ALL evolve, become aware, concious, mature, learn, AMD overcome at seperate rates.” #StuffRareSays

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Alright newbies, its time to take the gloves off!!
Buckle in and enjoy this ride. 

Let me just get real for one moment:

But first!!!!

I love my friends. You know… the real ones. Y”all are my guiding lights some days, and I just LOVE YOU ALL!! 



“Did any one ever tell you that story of Frenemies?”

Yeah! that S***’s a real thing. You know… those are the girls who pretend to be your friend, but are really just far more vested in competing with you. AS IF….. You have something you gotta prove. 



“As we grow up, we either learn or stay stuck in our old stubborn ways. To each his own” #StuffRareSays


Things I appreciate: Constructive criticism.


Things I don’t:
Throwing competitive judgements at me because I’m not doing it right by “your” book.

If you have your parents in your life to help you take care of your kids, don’t come at me like you know what its like to be a responsible mom. Until you have no parents in your life and NO one helping with your kid/s at all, you just have no idea what it takes.

If you don’t have to pay rent, don’t throw in my face how much more responsible you are than me. Because, priorities are a real thing.  You know.

If you come at me with your jealousies, Because you finally started taking on tasks after months of me busting my ass alone, don’t act like you have something over on me. Get your own shit together.  Then we’ll talk.

Just because I lost my parents young does not mean I need any one volunteering to tell me HOW I NEED TO BE. No one is going to fill their shoes, and I’ve been doing it for a decade. Just fine. Cheers to the girlfriends who understand that.

EVERYONE HAS A LIFE!!! Some people with more on their plate than others, some people who apparently have all the time in the world and think everything revolves around them. Trust me when I say, It’s not up to either side to cast judgment.

“It is he who casts judgment, who truly suffers.”


 While we are all trudging through life, and working on our selves. We should remember to NOT feel entitled to working on other people’s lives. You get one job in life.

“Shaping YOU”

Don’t screw it up by spending all your energy tryna to dictate.

WE don’t get to tell anyone about their lifestyle, priorities, or responsibilities, OR how their managing them, unless we’ve either walked a mile in their shoes, or paid their bills.

If you have a terrible habit of shutting your friends up when they are opening up about their personal life to you, DO NOT act like you have advice to give. JUST…DON’T. It makes you look stupid.

“you gotta actually hear what people say in order to be there for them.”

And so….. the question remains……..

           I learn from my lessons

                                           …. Do you?

           I got this!……

                                           ….Do you?


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Red Flags

Relationship 101:

“If the father of your children throws a fit when faced with the role of parenthood, whether you’re in a relationship or not, HE is most definitely not worth relying on. Point blank.” #StuffRareSays 

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“Whether it be a relationship, friendship or family member, you cannot help things run smoothly by arguing over who does more, or not enough. You both must pull equal weight.”

FRIENDS: You can’t S*** on your friends, THEN  complain once you’ve “CUT THEM OFF” and they aren’t there for you anymore. Simply put…  Don’t S*** on your friends. You’ll force them to back away and let you handle the things YOU want to control to begin with.

Relationships: for both Men and woman, DON”T SETTLE!

Family: Love them while you have them. Nothing is forever.