Perceptions Can Be Decieving

“Perception varies depending on the conciousness of an individual.” #StuffRareSays

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Upon driving up to a meeting last night and parking, the lot was full so I decided to back up and re-park. As I was backing out I noticed the review mirror was blocked by snow. It caused me to stop and look at my mirror closer and also have to use old school reverse techniques to continue reversing. A colleague of mine was outside sweeping snow that time and based off my stopping, he assumed I was stuck in the snow. It wasn’t until the meeting ended and it was time to leave that he’d mentioned,
“Are you going to need help getting out?”

“Nah… I have four wheel drive. I’m good.”

He responded with, “Well I saw you get stuck when you pulled in.”

I let out a little laugh about that response merely because I remember exactly what stopped me when I came in.


Even a witness can get details wrong.

“Perceptions can be deceiving.” #StuffRareSays





“Let us ALL rise to lift one another up, rather than drown each other out.” #StuffRareSays

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Just as the sun doesn’t rise every day for itself
Water does not flow for itself.
Nature is designed to work towards the benefit
Everything in and around it.

Let us look at that concept
Understand that we too could be lifting others.
Working together in a more unified front.

Just a little food for thought on this Saturday morning for y’all.

Growing Artists

One does not become an expert over night. That takes hard work and determination. Real progress comes in small steps. You wont see immediate results but over time, you will look back and see large levels of growth” #StuffRareSays

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“The thing about having colleagues is: they keep you in check all while progressing right alongside with you.”

When I first started my blogging journey five years ago, a good friend of mine was also in what we could possibly call the beginning stages of his wood carving game. With positive encouragement sent back and forth, we both grew along the journey.
Each time my blogging game evolved, his wood carving game evolved too. With each dire moment caused by lack of creativity…
We fed off each other and bounced off each other’s work as well.

How did that work?

If I wasn’t posting…
Homeboy made sure to send me a photo of his latest work.
A healthy reminder that he’s on the grind, and where am I?


Vice versa.

Five years later, our friendship is still growing strong, and our works are too.

Guess now y’all understand the wood carver references.

I’m not going to sit here and speak on behalf of how amazing his work is, I am simply going to show you.

You can find him and more of his work on INSTAGRAM @lococobra_101

This gentleman does custom work, and DOES NOT waste time.
The right kind of guy to get the right kind of job done.

Either way, I was simply blown away by his latest piece that

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Isn’t ready for showcase quite yet!!!
With VIP sneak peak privileges…
I tend to get the priveledge of…
First glance.

From the first steps to the last.

Mad luv Matthew.

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Always means a lot to me
Were In this race TOGETHER

Keep on kickin’ A$$ !!!

Learn From It

“We CANNOT have integrity…
Without accountability.” #StuffRareSays


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Friendly Reminder!!!

It says a lot about OUR character when we shift blame for our OWN shortcomings onto another.

If WE cannot take accountability for our own part in things, we will be doomed to repeat the same lessons until they are learned.

Lessons in life are meant to teach us..
Showcase how “RIGHT” we are.

Either we learn
Lose out.

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