Hearts Ignored

“Don’t let your thoughts get in the way of your heart.”

“Listening to our hearts CAN lead us down the path we’re meant for. when we listen, we realize…. Sometimes, our hearts just….Know.”

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Clean, clean.
Set up tree.
Take a day.
For just me. 
©Rarenwise 12-9-18



“The world is our playground”

“Then we shall play on it together.” #StuffRareSays

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The world is ours
To shape and mold.
The realities we share 
Are simple 
It’s up to US
To keep it now.
Take my hand
Come with me.
We shall play and we shall see.
Our lives are the canvas
We are the paint.
©Rarenwise 12-8-18


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Food for thought:

Intelligence is: knowing what to say.
Wisdom is: knowing when to say it.
Maturity is: understanding other people’s live’s are not yours to tinker with.
Strength is: being there for others despite your own personal storm.
Growth is: healed trauma. 
True Love is: infinite.
Life is: Wonderous yet short.

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She came in a dream
Dressed in red
Outfit pristine.
She ran up
I gave her a hug
Lifted her up
Embraced her love.

She lifted her hand
Waved goodbye

Off into the sunset 
She descended. 
©Rarenwise 12-7-18

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Dream Interrupted.

“I’m just a guy.”                   
        And…’i’m just a girl.”

“Who  found each other young and broke the rules. #RoofTop

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First your there.
Then you’re not.
Causing a muck.
Wake up.
It all stops.


I want to graze my fingers
Up and down your skin.

Tangle up inside your grasp.
Get lost in the midst.

Pierce my soul
Through your gaze
I simply.
Drink yours in. 
©Rarenwise 12-3-18