Food for thought:

Intelligence is: knowing what to say.
Wisdom is: knowing when to say it.
Maturity is: understanding other people’s live’s are not yours to tinker with.
Strength is: being there for others despite your own personal storm.
Growth is: healed trauma. 
True Love is: infinite.
Life is: Wonderous yet short.

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She came in a dream
Dressed in red
Outfit pristine.
She ran up
I gave her a hug
Lifted her up
Embraced her love.

She lifted her hand
Waved goodbye

Off into the sunset 
She descended. 
©Rarenwise 12-7-18

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Due Diligence

We ALL make mistakes. We live, we learn, and we grow. We also cannot heal without second chances, maybe even thirds. but! given those chances, the rate of success is higher.”

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When You look at them,
You see them differently.
Lack to realize,
We All have our lessons.
While theirs may have landed them,

May have been 
Simple fails.

Those who come out.
Strive for a new
Do not need judgements.
Faith in their new moves.
©Rarenwise 11-30-18

Not all people who go through their lessons in a Jail Cell, come out with intentions of going back. As WE ALL pay our dues, they do to.” #StuffRareSays

Inspired by: An observation of how a recently released inmate was treated at the doctor’s office. 



Let’s Take A Walk

And so the journey goes:

” I wanted to make it work. It took a long time to realize that it simply wasn’t going to. Through that process, I almost lost myself along the way.

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Broken fragments.
Though the course.
Jaded process.


She walked along  those rugged thin lines.
With the drop of a hat, things could go awry.
Within the hive.
She woke.
She cried.
She changed.
She strived.
She turned around and opened her eyes.
©Rarenwise 11-28-18


“Always remember who you are.” Aunt P.

And so, the series of events begins……






Hold Up!!!!

The moment I laid eyes on her, the very world I knew had changed. in a heartbeat, not only did I know what love was, I saw within her eyes all the great things she would achieve.”

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MY  miracle

She shines a light despite her own storms.
She stands tall and strong, for she is not meek.
With bright eyes.
Big dreams.
Her soul shines bright and it does sing

Sheer determination.

She lives

She rises.
Born to a warrior.
She prevails.

A ray of sunshine
A ball of fury.
My sweet pea
Another year older.
©Rarenwise 11-27-18

12 years ago today, I became a mother. this little girl changed my life forever. Today, I just wanted to shout her out. 

“Love you sweet pea” 

Your fricken’ 12!!!!