In a heartbeat:

Bleeding desires.
Hearts on fire.
Dreams to aspire
Don’t get dire.
©Rarenwise 6-9-16

Mediocre Is for Oger’s (#stuffraresays)


One does not simply achieve greatness by sitting back living it up, and slacking off their entire lives. Don’t ever allow yourself to succumb to the criticisms of others. While others may be throwing away their dreams, your working hard 24/7. As an entrepreneur; every second counts. Whether your up at midnight finishing up your work, or up at 5 am finishing your work, those who think your silly for doing it, don’t have what it takes to achieve their own personal goals.

Keep on keeping, and moving forward with your dreams.

Ambition, determination, and your inner fire is what it takes to become a person of value.


Difference Comes In Mysterious Ways (#stuffraresays)


Don;t ever doubt your journey. Don’t stop being you. There is always talk of making a difference. The deeper meaning: The difference lays within the depth of a thought. Everything else is…inevitable. Be strong, keep faith, and believe.  Making a difference isn’t about influencing others. It’s about empowering them. The rest just kind of falls into place.

Shine Your Brightest (#stuffraresays)

gem shine

It doesn’t matter what you’re going through, defeat, grief, loss, divorce, or a quarrel with a friend. In anger, people generally say things about us in a negative or threatening way. Don’t let that self talk rise up in your head, and don’t lose sight of who you are. You’re a gem.