“I can still remember that day. How it felt to finish my rough draft for my first novel. It felt…. .. liberating. It was a big step for me. After losing all of my journals to the house fire, recreating that kernel took some skill. From a story untold, It became MY story told.” 

Three days later….

When I laid my eyes on her, everything changed. A glimpse of hope gleamed brightly as she stared upon me with her baby blue hughes. this girl made my world bright again.
She IS:  “The light at the end of the tunnel” #Pieces

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“Before conceiving Baby Blue, I was already on my way into my groove within my career. I knew as soon as Baby Blue entered the world, my time as I knew it would be lacking. Many of my projects were placed on hold. Not that it’s a bad thing. I did just get to spend the last two years shaping quite the remarkable young lady, and as she grows, so does her mother. Not that I’ve never grown up before, but as I shape my miniature me, I see the world through her eyes as if it was once mine. As her mother, It is my job to guide her through those moments in life appropriately.”

As my novel sat collecting dust digital dust, my blog too suffered the consequences. I guess you could say it was a rough transition.

I went from being an avid blogger with weekly chapters from a fiction series, a poetic crafter, brilliant philosophical moments, and budding novelist into a mom of four with a newborn to shape.

Everything came to a halt.

The only advantage I had on my side was experience. That foresight, encouraged me to set things into place . And so…

I set forth those goals:

Step 1: DRAFT THAT NOVEL! (Get to that next step before baby comes, so you’re not left in the in-between. Achieved!

Step 2: Warn my blogger-verse that I would be going into hiatus, with the promise that I would pop up occasionally.  A promise well-kept.

Step: 3 Evolve.

She’s back!!!!

A little older, and on the other end of the tunnel. It took a while to clean up all the debris.

Just as flowers cannot grow without darkness, neither can we. #StuffRareSays #Melasophical

Can I just say…. from day one, you’ve read through every post … Reading this right along with me. Feeling everything I’ve felt, learning life lessons with me side by side, and living vicariously through my stories. Whether real or fiction, it’s been rather interesting hasn’t it? 

Thank you for standing by!!

Even when I was a ghost, you were there reminding me on Instagram that I rocked. reminding me on twitter not to ever give up. Reminding me on snap chat how awesome I was. Reminding me in that with me there was hope.
Do you feel that? It’s a story…. of a girl who through her battles became a queen.

It was apparent I needed some resources to help me get things done quickly. Dash suggested I get involved with #NaNoWriMO. For those of you that don’t know, National Novel Writing Month is a competition with yourself to see if you can write a 50,000-word draft in a month. Whoa whoa whoah I know what you’re thinking,

“That sounds hard.”

BUT!  #NaNoWriMo offers resources to help you keep your pace. Such as; Writing groups, nano word sprints on twitter, webinars, and much more!

The best part is… once you finish your novel, they offer summer camps with awesome and FREE resources to help you edit your novel. Did I mention you can do all these things straight from the comfort of your own home? Well, except the in-person face to face writing groups.


Since I had baby blue three days after winning my 50,000 words, I was unable to participate in the summer camp. Hence the reason it sits collecting digital dust. This year through… It’s on!

During, my path with #NaNoWriMo, I was too far along to travel to the in person writing groups. Ahh!

There was a group in Santa Fe, NM with special guest George R. R Martin. I still kick myself for not being able to go. Oh, what I would have given to have the opportunity to simply ask, what are your writing strategies, how do you combat writers block, got any tips, ahhhh! BE MY MENTOR!!!  Have you seen is dialogue skills?!

I just… wanted to pick his brain, but my chance was lost. Therefore, I will forever wonder what I missed out on that day……………

See Ya on the next one, Where did she go?!”  RareBear out.

13 thoughts on “Rewind

  1. SonniQ says:

    I understand. I’m in the middle of my second draft – and then I decided to write and record a piano music soundtrack – music for each chapter, and now music videos ( kind of like the work of having baby. Mine are grown) AND write the book, 2 blogs, a newsletter and all the social media and 3 websites too maintain. (now I’ve had triplets) I understand busy. ( today I’m blogging. Paying attention to old follows. What’s the good of having them if don’t stop by and yell little. I’m here!! I’m here!! Hello!

  2. drnc11 says:

    Writing is like a hike up Mt. Everest – challenging, exhilerating, dangerous, and it dawns on you the moment you start that you were in way over your head. Nevertheless, writers persist through pain-staking, coffee-fuelled, teary-eyed struggle to convey the world how they view it and that is as necessary as the scientist trying to deconstruct the universe along empirical lines.

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