Not Out Of The Woods Just Yet


Well … I did it!

Two forums back to back. Nerve-wracking is all shiboli … Yet… liberating.

So… after my first forum, my boss decided to let me go. The company wanted me to make a choice: dedicate my ENTIRE life to working for them, or run for council, but not both.

My desire to make a difference AND care about my community has always been prominent. Whether it’s making a difference one person at a time, in my community, or making a difference in the world. I’ll always be there. Why?

For me, it is about the greater good.

This reality was upsetting to many people I hold dear to me, and I wanted to be upset too. However, I chose not to let that little Cornerstone Bring Me Down. So… I didn’t dwell on it. I stayed positive and on task. At the end of the day, this lady is STILL on a mission.

“The difference starts here. With me. With you. With US.” #StuffRareSays

let’s not forget that once the kids were feeling better they went out and got a different kind of sick. πŸ˜±πŸ˜”πŸ˜«

I spent yet again another couple of days with sick kiddos. Only, THIS TIME we had tummy hurts that lead to a final throwing up and recovery.

I’m not talking a simple puke moment either! Think exorcism down pour. ~Shudders~

Lets just say, you don’t know what its like to be a mom until you’ve had a kid throw up ALL OVER your food.

After that mortifying moment, I realized the fun was only about to begin.

With only one forum under my belt, I wasn’t quite out of the woods yet. 😨 Instead, I tripped on a stick, stumbled to my face and rolled down a hill into a dark flipping cave!

OK, OK not literally but y’all know what I mean.

Between losing my job, needing to step up my game for a second forum, a different kind of sick kiddos, and a very good friend of mine, struggling with issues that I wont divulge, I was faced with MORE obstacles.


Do not fret my glorious readers for, your beloved RareBear always overcomes.


“Mind over matter.”

10% of our lives is what happens to us, and 90% off our lives is how we take Β what happens to us. So… Still your thoughts, brace yourself, and remain patient. Everything always turns out OK

A friend who’s believed in me since childhood showing his support.

I still walked in that forum, and did Β what I do best. Remained genuine, shed my wisdom, and spread the message.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

Therefore, if we do not come together, we will lose grasp on humanity forever.

“In this vast world full of haters, choose to be an encourager.” #StuffRareSays

Choose to love, Β and appreciate, one another. Come together and work together, without anger, hatred, strife, and greed. Because,

“United we stand, divided we fall.”


13 thoughts on “Not Out Of The Woods Just Yet

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is great! You decided to go with what you loved instead and risking your job over your decision is amazing! That takes strength!! Good to see your friends support you and I hope you are chosen to make a difference in your city!! That’s awesome! I’m so Proud of you friend! Your a great mom and always willing to take time to listen!!

  2. Juanita Lea Lumpkin says:

    You are such a strong person. A true inspiration and im new to your journey but feel like we share the same dreams and struggles … I always say just keep going and never quit in the long run all you been thru will be so worth it…You just gotta believe in yourself …having others believe in you always helps too lol So keep shining thru the storms!!

  3. drnc11 says:

    Never stop writing, it is how we organize our thoughts and interpret the world, synonymous with thinking.

    As you continue your campaign for election, just remember to stand tall with your shoulders back and speak the truth. There is chaos to confront so be brave and confront it. Blaze a trail for your kids and take control of the future.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I a man sppecless
    Every time I read anything from you rather a blog a snap my mind just opens up more you make me see life different every time β€œ10% of our lives is what happens to us, and 90% off our lives is how we take what happens to u” that touched me I am very proud of you promise me what ever happens in life your never stop writing I love you πŸ’˜

  5. Jixi Fox says:

    So happy for you… We all go through some struggles. Just as much as how 2017 was the worse for me, I just kept pushing. So I feel your grind to create good motions in the world.

    • RareBear says:

      😌✊ I guess that’s why I talk about the struggles. As a way to show people. We all go through it and theres nothing stopping us from moving forward. Man! I totally admire that you get it!

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