Filing Day!! Wait Huh?

I’ve been keeping a secret from you all. 🙊

For the past four years, most of you have followed along in my journey very contentedly living vicariously through my advocacy for my community, and for our world around us. While, I know you all love my those short stories, and poems I belt out every so often, I do love and appreciate your understanding, and support on how my musings flow.

Today, I sit nerve wracked and anxious. My inner scared little girl is low-key wanting to burst out and scream DONT DO IT!

Only…. That’s not what I was born to do. (😜 is the suspense killing you yet?)

I have been on pins and needles; tip toeing back and forth from whether I should run for city council, or keep hiding behind the people I influence and ….Today, it is my time.

Why am I speaking about this?

To be honest, I wanted to flake not go through with it until That revelation hit. I stood across a co-worker of mine yesterday, while packing out product at work. We spoke vaguely about politics, and I also put it out there that I might be running for city council. Even though she barely knows me, she was not only encouraging, but excited about it. I still held a resignation about following through with today. I let out a large sigh with a breath. She looked up at me and said, ” Don’t be nervous, just go do it,cand worry about the rest later.” I looked at her slightly taken a back. This girl barely knows me yet has such confidence in my efforts. For, if even an acquaintance can be impacted by my presence, I’m already making a difference. I began to think to myself, “You know what, she’s right. Nothing good ever comes to you unless you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone.”

So… today my beloved readers I am stepping outside my comfort zone. I DID IT! I filed.

Even though it scares the living bleep out of me, it is my first step to making a difference in the world. With that, I will say…..

Whatever you are out there struggling with: Things you may want to do, succeed at, attempt, overcome or struggles you may face…. If I can go through something that scares me so much so can you.

Happy inspirational Tuesday I hope it’s a good one

Your beloved RareBear


2 thoughts on “Filing Day!! Wait Huh?

  1. Whippoorwill says:

    Kudos to you for taking this decision Amanda, I wish you every success in your courageous endeavors. I have only followed you for a short time, but from what I have read I feel sure that you possess the ability to succeed, in ample measure. And to make a profound difference in your community in this position. <3

    • RareBear says:

      Aside from blushing I just want to take the time to thank you for this comment it means the to me thanks so much

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