Did Someone Say Chores?


“Intimacy should NOT feel like a chore.” #StuffRareSays

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The other day, I spoke with J. Danae. She said something to me that sent me down another reflective path.

There are different levels of healthy and unhealthy relationships.


Let’s pinpoint one:

Controlling versus receptive relationships

In some controlling relationships
We see everything a couple does with each other in a one-sided manor.

Examples may be;
On their terms, their way, their time, their convenience.

Receptive relationships tend to ebb and flow with one another.
An attribute that contributes to jiving well together.

Example may be;
Fulfilling the emotional, physical and intellectual needs of your partner.

Have you ever fallen into either category?

I mean… relatable.

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If you or someone you know is involved in a controlling relationship, you ALREADY know everything you do with your partner…
WILL feel like a chore.

It is in THOSE moments that you will see the answer you’ve been seeking.

The only thing left….
Is a decision.


3 thoughts on “Did Someone Say Chores?

  1. David Koblentz says:

    I was watching a science show about the shape of the universe, and they made an excellent point, if we are on a sphere but can only see 10 feet in every direction we might assume everything is flat (it is all we can see/perceive). if we are standing on the moon we can clearly see the whole earth (as a sphere). so my question is how do we keep perspective? this is where your post lead me 🙂

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