“You know you’re a mom when you wake in the middle of the night to a pee spot. ON YOU!”

Baby Blue has been in the potty training process for a while now. I’d say she’s in the last stages of the process. kinda there, but eh…not fully.

She’s my precious. WHICH also means she get’s away with snuggling up to mom every night also. 

She typically doesn’t have over night accidents.

Yesterday was the kind of day that threw her off her A GAME. I got to see some relatives I havent seen in a long time though, and that was nice.  I have never met a tot so aggravated about being outside of her comfort zone, that it would impact their state of mind while out in public. That girl!.. likes her space.

Baby snuggle’s are my favorite.

Baby Blue likes to snuggle up so closely to every nook and cranny. I’m talkin’ a head in my neck, a leg over my waist, hand on my face kind of situation. 
And so… that is how my almost fully potty trained baby girl got me drenched last night.

Funny how life works out. I suppose I’m a little taken a back by the fact that relatives in my generation have passed away. It keeps getting more and more REAL.

Final thought:  Life is short. We all know that, but what truly matters is how we use that knowledge. 

Time is precious

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