It Goes A Little Something Like This

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Hello insomnia my old not so good friend. (Now hum that song hello darkness my old friend and we get the picture.)


I had this huge plan to wake up, and post part two of my short story series today. Instead, I’m waking up half alive. 

Wait …πŸ€” did that just sound depressive?

Whoah whoah whoah saddle yourselves. 

I mean like I’m running on three hours of sleep on this glorious Saturday; thanks to my over active mind. Bla bla bla who what now and where whuh?

This happens if not once a week, at least once a month to me. I know many people in the world struggle with this issue, and everyone has a different reason why. 

My reason: I battle with being overstimulated. It’s one thing to work daily, and do what I gotta do. It’s a whole other story though when I’ve got a doctors appt. here, there, around the bush, and around the bend…πŸ˜†…πŸ˜‚…(seriously! Where did my ROFL emoji go??) 

Being out of my schedule everyday this week honestly threw me off so far beyond return… My rhythm went haywire. 😱

You all probably noticed my angst you vibes. πŸ˜“ Rarebear didn’t get her hideout sesh from the world at all this week. 

I get so overstimulated, when I gotta do that. Man! If only I had my nifty little corner to hide in every where I go πŸ€”

Do they make those?

I spend countless hours analyzing everything I did, said and should, bla, bla, bla. Shoot I spent countless hours amalyzing AND getting down on myself for posting yesterday’s article. I felt …wreckless with that one.

Then I started reading opinionated mans blog and started realizing; aren’t we all just on here creatively crafting our opinions, from our little portion of the bloggerverse?

Huh? … Oh right..sorry.

It got me thinking. The same friend I mentioned in yesterday’s post , also mentioned their battle with anxiety, that resonated with me because I too, struggle with anxiety. 

My question: do we get anxiety because we overthink or do we overthink because we have anxiety?

 Oh and sorry about the delayed part 2. I promise it’s coming. Maybe later today, may tomorrow. The world shall never know…except for me. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜ˆ

Soooo… Before my tired mind  continues on with its whatever it is I’m doing here right now…I’ll uh….sit down on my comfy couch over he in my corner. 

The question tho… ☺️☝️


See ya on the next one😎🀘….



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